About MEKOThe international rapid manufacturing center

MEKO was established in 1998 and set up the 3 rapid manufacturing factories which located in Kunshan, Tianjin and Dongguan. Meko has hundreds of experienced engineers and mechanists, and service for high-end customer worldwide, we are leading in short lead time, high quality, competitive price, and outstanding service in industry.

Meko operates 3 factories with 24h uninterrupted production. We are providing global order reception and fast delivery to achieve customer’s demands quickly. Our rapid prototyping service including CNC machining, casting, 3D printing and customized manufacturing.

The core goal of Meko is to be the best rapid manufacturing company globally and provide the most professional service to our customers.

About MEKOFaster Better Cost-efficient

MEKO bases on its strong strength, advanced equipment, stable personnel, efficient production capacity and excellent products to meet different customer requirements.

Faster Better Cost-efficient

About MEKOAdvanced manufacturing workshop
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	International advanced 3D printing equipment, can print 12 kinds of plastic materials.
  • CNC workshop is equipped with approximately a hundred of high-performance CNC machines with a capacity of processing a wide range of materials, such as aluminums alloy, magnesium alloy and other nonferrous metals, steel and engineering plastics. By optimizing the production solution and assigning matching machines for each order, MEKO owns a high-efficient productivity to handle different orders simutaneously, hence, can provide premium custom service with guarantees on both quality and delivery term.
  • To meet the market demands for the supporting services of sheet mentals, MEKO set up the CNC sheet mental workshop by a series of advanced equipments including several Mitsubishilaser cutting machines and Amada bending machines, to efficiently manufacture sheet metals. It is able to produce, rapidly and precisely, sheet metals in small amounts and multiple batches, and offer post-treating service, for instance welding, electroplating and spraying, as well to cater to diversified customer needs.
  • The high-precision machining workshop is supplied with machines to handle different processes, such as Sodick slow wire-moving equipment, CNC lathe, CNC spark machine, CNC flat grinder, internal and external grinding machine and other supporting machines. It offers one-stop solution for those high-precision parts requiring multiple processes.
  • The new Gantry processing workshop is equipped with several gantry machining centers for the rapid manufacturing of large-size parts in small amounts in the fields of automobile models, automobile checking fixture, automobile accessory, medical instrument and mechanical equipment parts. MEKO plans to introduce a 5-axis gantry machining center soon in an effort to improve machining precision and extend the scope of services.
  • MEKO set up a constant-temperature workshop equipped with several sets of high-precision 5-axis machining, to accommodate the market needs for high-precision parts. This workshop is capable of machining complex shapes, including those with high-precision junctions, in a single set-up.
  • Aimed at the market demands for small-run and low-cost products, the rapid tooling workshop provides all-around specialized solutions for rapid tooling, such as silica gel soft mould and duplicate mould, low-pressure injection duplicate mould, plastic rapid tooling and injection molding production, die-casting rapid tooling and die-casting production. This allows our customers to adopt flexible and low-cost marketing strategies to promote quality new products at the early stage of trial and small-run production.

International advanced 3D printing equipment, can print 12 kinds of plastic materials.

About MEKOTop specialized supplier

Distribution of main customers’ focus industry

Other industries


Communication equipment


Automobile and accessories

Consumer electronics

Medical instrument and equipment

Civil Aviation Parts/special equitment

Tooling fixtures

New-energy equipment

As a leading rapid manufacturing company in China,MEKO's products are used in industry, automotive industry, medical equipment, communications industry, aerospace industry,etc.

About MEKOClient list
About MEKO24-hour response
24-hour online technical service 24-hour production for global orders international point-to-point delivery

MEKO's business is spread all over the world, we provide 24-hour continuous service.

About MEKOMeko History


04, 2019   MEKO participated the 18th Shanghai International Auto Show.


07, 2019   MEKO participated the 13th Shanghai International Energy-saving and New Energy Automobile Industry Expo.


07, 2019   MEKO participated the 14th CHINA DIECASTING 2019


09, 2019   MEKO participated IAA CARS 2019



01, 2018   MEKO participated in the European Die-casting Industry exhibition 2018


03, 2018   2018 Tianjin MEKO participated the 18th Tianjin International Industrial EXPO

04, 2018   MEKO participated in the 6th China Shanghai International Technology Fair


07, 2018   India a line casting association ALUCAST entrepreneurs delegation visit Mellon, nearly 30 people, the two in-depth exchanges, the industry market situation of India as a fast-growing emerging markets, it contains huge development prospects and opportunities, MEKO will partner to explore in-depth cooperation with India, depth in the field of rapid manufacturing to develop this emerging market.


07, 2018   The 13th China international foundry conference and exhibition opened on July 18


08, 2018   As a platinum sponsor and a supplier of core components, meilun participated in the 5-generation model launch of tongji university motorcade


11, 2018   Nearly 50 Finnish business delegation visited kunshan meilun expo



04, 2017   Mei lun participated in the 5th China (Shanghai) international technology import and export fair (CSITF) exhibition

06, 2017   The first phase of the planned investment of 30 million north advanced rapid manufacturing center - tianjin meigao precision parts co., ltd. was built and put into production, for the northern region many high-level important customers nearby to provide first-class rapid manufacturing services

09, 2017   International auto parts fair Frankfurt, Germany -MEKO group made its debut in the international exhibition

12, 2017   Sponsored the BBS Beijing summit of ATC automotive trial-manufacture, and organized booth exhibition to conduct extensive communication and docking with numerous automotive trial-manufacture enterprises


04, 2016    Mellon company as a representative of the enterprise groups in jiangsu to "technology, make life more wonderful" is the core idea of the fourth China (Shanghai) international technology import and export fair (CSITF), widely popular with domestic and international numerous innovative enterprises and customers, establish supply cooperation with a number of important customers, excellent show success

05, 2016    MEKO attends the 14th Beijing international automobile exhibition

07, 2016    The fifth China command and control conference was held in Beijing. Meilun organized a delegation to participate in it and successfully connected with a number of international and domestic enterprises in the field of high-end precision equipment

12, 2016    Meilun sponsored the BBS Shanghai summit of ATC automotive trial production and set up a booth for exhibition.


Introduction of Stratasys450 all-powerful 3D printer, which can print 12 kinds of common engineering plastics;

Carl Zeiss new CONTURA automatic scanning CMM was introduced, with a measuring accuracy of 0.002mm.

Carry out ISO27001 certification information security management system certification, more standard to protect customer technical data information security.